Impeccable Style – Designer Shirley Meisels

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Known for her unique aesthetic the principal designer of Toronto-based firm MHouse Shirley Meisels had worked for 13 years as a stylist for television shows and magazines. In the interview for the Globe she shared some secrets behind her style.

“Lighting is like jewellery – the finishing touch. I like to make ceiling fixtures a focal point and often go oversized for drama. Custom lampshades in funky fabrics are a great way to add a bit of punch to a room.”

“I try to avoid that showroom feeling by buying disparate pieces from different sources and eras. I like a room to feel as if it had been curated over time.”

“Best way to make a room feel more spacious: Paint it white. Whatever paint colour you choose, paint out the baseboards and crown mouldings the same colour to give it the illusion of height.”

“…I like to mix looks. Modern yet warm, colour and pattern, vintage with new, high pricing with low. Ultimately I want my rooms to feel like they have a casual elegance, as if they came together by accident.”

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