Inside peek into Bryan Ferry’s apartment in London’s Chelsea

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When most rock stars liked to trash their hotel rooms, the bespoke bohemian and elegant singer-songwriter Bryan Ferry preferred to redecorate his. His perfect living space with the vaulted ceiling, a nice art collection, rich fabrics and comfortable furniture is a two-bedroom former artist’s studio in London.

He says:”..I like to control my environment. How it looks, feels and sounds. I couldn’t imagine asking someone else to decorate it.” Ferry has been filling his London home with art and objects from around the world since he moved in two years ago. His bohemian studio has an unusual layout: the kitchen and television room – the central living area are on the second floor, while the bedrooms are on the first floor.
Before embarking on his music career, Ferry was a fine-arts student. He is a passionate collector of ceramics, owns a beautiful collection of British art of the early 20th century, and has always been something of an aesthete. “Once I have an aesthetic attachment to something I can’t bear to break the bond that ties us together,” he says.
{via WSJ.}

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