Chic Interior Design – Hotel FOX, Copenhagen

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21 artists from different fields of design turned this hotel into a exciting and amazing place.
There are 61 rooms in the establishment and each is a unique piece of art filled with friendly monsters, fairytales, secrets vaults and dreaming creatures.
#217. King’s Forest is designed by the German illustrator Birgit Amadori whose work is inspired by the 19th century Czech illustrator Alfons Mucha and Japanese mythology. She says:“The forest is populated with beings beyond your imagination but the FOX, traditionally known as the traveller between worlds, will be there to guide you.”

Other rooms by Amadori – #509 and 510. King’s Court 1 and 2 – “You are invited to spend a night at the King’s Court. The King and Queen have gathered their magicians, jesters, fortune-tellers and other mystical courtiers to greet you. Blue represents the King’s Court and is associated with trust, loyalty and honesty. Also it is the colour of the sky and the deep sea, which suggest infinite freedom.”
“King’s Court is designed to soothe thoughts, a place to ponder over decisions from different point of views.”
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#214 Two Swans (Fertility Shrine) is designed by Friendswithyou, US.
Sam and Tury created the strange new world while the whole process was an “enchanting experiment” in maintaining the functionality of a room. “Let the gentle ambience of this sacred forest be your guide, as you slip into your true selve. You may never want to leave.”

Room #312. Yume was designed by the Japanese illustrator Shinya Chisato. The outcome – a fantasy fairytale worlds with a minimal palette of harmonious and discrete forms. The designer’s inspiration came from her homeland of Hokkaido. ‘Yume’ means dream in Japanese.

Room #115. Imataca by MASA, Venezuela. The designer transported the freedom and freshness of forest and green hills to a hotel room making it a relaxed space where the green organic forms camouflage the urban surroundings with a rainforest ambience.

#117. Redrum by Kim Hiorthøy, the young Norwegian designer. This is his first venture into interiors.
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2 comments on “Chic Interior Design – Hotel FOX, Copenhagen

  1. It should provide an experience beyond tourism.
    Can’t say I’d love to stay in everyone of the rooms but there are some that are amazing and very fairytalike.
    In love with the second picture you posted.
    Thank you for sharing,

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