Interior Designer Richard Mishaan

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Designer Richard Mishaan studied architecture at Columbia University, later he received there a master’s degree in finance and real-estate development. He first opened his showroom in 1993, now his New York-based interior design/architecture firm creates superb residential and commercial projects as well as  ”couture” furniture collection.

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2 comments on “Interior Designer Richard Mishaan

  1. You need color or statement for your Home this is the guy to call.
    Since I don’t read titles (bad habit, I know :ashamed:) I thought this was a Home designed by him… and was thinking “the poor guy must work for the color blind” ahahahah. But then I realized it’s several works and it’s amazing.
    I love that Botero. I even love HIS colors. A Master!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. I love Botero too, I got somewhere a file with him and his daughter in his studio.
    That bedroom number 5 pic – so nice!
    Thank you Teresa!!

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