Interior Designer Ronald Bricke – Moroccan Fancy and Delight in Tuscon

Moroccan style

New York interior designer Ronald Bricke uses the client’s personal taste, style and needs as his inspiration – be it Art-Deco, Louis XIV, Mid-Century Modern or Contemporary – he has created hundreds of settings that have been hailed as “smashing” and “ingenious” (“New York Times”) and, as “Interior Design” wrote: “This is the stuff of which dreams are made.” In fact, such descriptions as “chic,” “ultra-sophisticated,” and “sleek” reoccur continually throughout hundreds of print and television features celebrating his work.

A vintage beaded chandelier hangs above chairs designed by Ronald Bricke in the dining room.

The meditation room is painted periwinkle and furnished with a Balinese-inspired custom bed.

Instead of a sofa, Bricke wrapped a low, deep banquette around one interior corner, enlivening its lines with an eclectic array of fabrics from an imaginary medina.

In the master bedroom, an iron Alexandria canopy bed is topped with pashmina blankets.

A guest room is painted eggplant and chartreuse. The designer had the sheets made from Williams-Sonoma tablecloths.

The entry hall painted Benjamin Moore’s Deep Rose welcomes guests with decorative branches from Crate & Barrel and a pair of Moroccan lanterns hung in niches.

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  • Thank you for this post! I have been searching the net a lot your blog one of the good ones this is the stuf I am looking for. Very good to know all this stuff before I start my new project.

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