Italian Modern Kitchen Design by Paolo Pininfarina

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Snaidero {} is the major leading kitchen manufacturer in Italy, offering modern kitchen design for over 50 years.
Snaidero Ola

soft curves and bright colors of Ola (Spanish for “wave”) in Dream Blue metallic lacquer


“automotive” metallic lacquer finish and sleek forms


The design in Passion Red metallic lacquer adapts to any space and can be customized for corner layouts


The new island hood of Ola20 is made of high gloss lacquered sheet metal with fluorescent strip lighting that runs along the base of the hood


Futuristic modern lines in a Mica-based lacquer on the Ola20 design


The new Ola20 design preserves the curved lines that are the trademark of the original Ola, while adapting the design to the needs of the future

Ola20 features a low-energy consumption lighting system with stripes of LED lights fitted under the upper cabinets and inside the unit


The Ola20 peninsula countertop comes in Superwhite Quartz while the island comes with a countertop in Corian, which beautifully allows for the integration of glass-induction stovetops


The island countertop sits on a curvilinear scupted base made of multi-layed wood that helps bring an elegant, contemporary edge to the Ola20 kitchen.


Linen Beige Laminate


Curved base cabinet with large pull-out lid rack and drawer for pots storage.


The upper cabinet featuring a dish rack/drainer opens through a hydraulic mechanism

Snaidero Venus

Ice White high gloss lacquer. Contemporary lines; clear-cut and elegant symmetries


Coral Red high gloss lacquer. Countertops with different heights and cabinets of various depths


Curry Yellow high gloss lacquer and Ebony wood. A contoured countertop turns the island into a cooking/table area.


The island is equipped with deep drawers. Utensils’ holders are fitted on the sloped surface of the countertop


Layout flexibility and elegant design open up the kitchen to other living areas of the home


83% energy-saving lighting system that guarantees even distribution of light, low heat emission and higher bulb durability


A contemporary kitchen with a distinctive look which brings personality to any space


Ink Black Microtouch. The large cupboard can be customized with storage compartments and a variety of appliances


Design meets functionality: Venus makes excellent use of any available space to provide plenty of storage solutions
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One comment on “Italian Modern Kitchen Design by Paolo Pininfarina

  1. The cupboard intakes modular design. It is really interesting that We store amount of things in this cupboard.But sounds so expensive.

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