Josef Frank Designs: Furniture, Lighting, Fabrics

The designs, buildings and writings of Josef Frank go back to the roots of Modernism, to the ideal of Viennese culture at the start of the 20th century, and to the beginning of the “Scandinavian style.” As one of the first advocates of classical Modernism, he became a prophet of the new movement, but very soon went on to become a harsh critic of its dogmatism. Not only did Josef Frank achieve recognition in the Viennese society of the 1920s but he also exerted considerable influence on Swedish Modernism. In the mid-1930s he moved to Stockholm, and began working for Svenskt Tenn, a successful company which still carries the majority of furnishings which Frank designed, in its program today. This book focuses on Frank’s later works, presenting his unrealized building projects, his timeless furniture and textile designs.

{Accidentism: Josef Frank by Mikael Bergquist, Olof Michelsen}

Josef Frank designed furniture and fabrics for the famous luxury house of Svensk Tenn in Stockholm.

Josef Frank Design: ratten easy chair and stool

Josef Frank sofa for Svenskt Tenn, 1930′s

Josef Frank Swedish Decoupage Cupboard 1940-50s

Josef Frank Design: “Flora” chest of drawers
Josef Frank Design: “FLORA” – printed paper and mahogany cabinet, 1937
Josef Frank Design: floor and wall lamps

Josef Frank Design: mahogany sideboard
Josef Frank Fabrics
Italian dinner
Vegetable tree


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