Kilindi – Idyll in Zanzibar

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Opened in 2009, Kilindi resort is set on a magnificent beach, offering luxurious accommodations. Fringed by casuarina trees, 15 arched pavilion-style villas spread across 54 acres of lush tropical gardens.

luxury resort Kilindi Zanzibar

Zanzibar speaks of the romance of lazy languid days spent sun-soaking on palm-lined beaches and taking to warm, tropical, azure waters to dive and smorkel at leisure. Adding to the intrigue is the recollection of the marines who established Zanzibar as the strategic and commercial centre of the swahili Coast. Traders and slavers, sultans and kings came from the Middle East and the Orient. They were followed in later cemturies by European adventurers, explorers and missionaires.

luxury resort Kilindi Zanzibar 2

While it is certain the name Zanzibar came from the Arab traders who sailed the coast of East Africa from as early as the 8th centuy, its exact translation translation has been given various interpretation. Some say Zinj el-Barr translates into the ‘land or coast of the Blacks’ in reference to the first inhabitants of the island. Others prefer the more poetic symbolism that goes with the phrase Zayn Za’l Barr, meaning ‘fair is the land or coast’.
{Zanzibar: the insider’s guide by Ian Michler}

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