Lavish Interiors of Faberge Boutique by Jaime Hayon

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The rising star in the international creative scene, Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, is considered one of the most influential designers. His extraordinary talent and interdisciplinary approach add to his unique style shining through different areas and media such as furniture, interior design, illustration, decorative arts.
His innovative approach in the interior design of the Faberge boutique presents the expression of modern luxury through simplicity and sensuality. Using the most precious and beautiful materials like Carrara marble of lush burgundy color, rare woods and silk wall draperies, the designer focuses on high-end craftsmanship and minimal forms and shapes which look particularly luxurious yet appropriate.

The central theme of the boutique’s interior design is formed by light and luminosity coming from the sophisticated color palette of silvered metallic shades and bringing the organic and dynamic feel.
The designer created a little corner of luxury, elegance and respectability where the simplicity of the design contributes to the soft and aristocratic atmosphere for its distinguished clients.

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