Luxury Home Interior Design – Jennifer Lopez Art Deco Home

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Veranda Magazine featured JLo’s California home and an interview of her interior designer Michelle Workman, who remodeled the house in 2010. She says: “It’s sort of Jennifer in a nutshell—she has a romantic streak”.

The Art Deco 1940s style residence is sun-filled and spacious, the ethereal blue-grays, velvet sheens and shimmering silvers truly captivate.

In another designer’s hands, all of the grays and blues could feel like a cold draft. Workman chose fabrics such as silk, velvet and leather that have a highly tactile and welcoming character. She used chandeliers that warmly reflect light. She also added brass and bronze accessories to raise the temperature in the rooms.

The designer says:”I love to mix gold and silver tones. It’s warm and cool together. Gold is traditional, and silver is modern and sleek. It’s a great marriage of feminine and masculine.”
Old Hollywood glamour is back..
{veranda magazine}
Photos by Laura Resen







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2 comments on “Luxury Home Interior Design – Jennifer Lopez Art Deco Home

  1. I don’t see Jennifer in it but what do we know, right?
    It’s a lovely house nontheless.
    Thank you for sharing,

  2. I think this house was featured in Veranda as a residence for both of them – her and her husband – right before they split.
    I’m curious who stayed at the house..


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