Luxury Interior Design – Modern Living Room by Steven Volpe

Steven Volpe’s interiors range from lusciously palattal homages to the past to edgy exercises in modern living. The San-Francisco-based designer was strongly influenced by his years in Paris and is known for a spare sensibility that never forgoes luxury or richness, juxtaposition strong colors with cool, steely grays and metallic purples, refined detailing with modern works of art and subtle doses of glamour and shine introduce you to Steven’s signature modern style.
Steven’s interiors feature futuristic and Mid-Century Modern details even traditional projects. His detailling and ideas mingle with European influences; he owns an art gallery which explains all the fabulous art located within his rooms.

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  • Hi, these photos are truly inspirational.What I liked best about these photos that the designer has tried his best to manage the space with color schemes and furniture arrangement so that the user gets a comfortable feling even before he has used the space.

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