Minimalist Style Penthouse in Greece

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The penthouse is located in a classic building in Athens, two apartments on the 8th and 9th floor were consolidated and reconstructed into a combined residence with spectacular views on the Acropolis and the 255 sq m roof garden. On the lower level there’s an office with a fireplace, a bedroom, a library and a 20 sq m veranda with Acropolis view. The upper level offers a large living area with fireplace, a glass atrium, a dining area, a grand master en-suite bedroom with a Jacuzzi and a guest bedroom.


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One comment on “Minimalist Style Penthouse in Greece

  1. Well, when you have Acropolis as view you cana fford to be minimalist I think ahahahah
    That’s some house. Yes! It’s outstanding.
    I love Lofts that weren’t Lofts but made from two homes. The space becomes more natural – spacious and fluent. I think that when you build a loft from scratch you think “I have 100 sq m. Must put 4 division in it” or something in that line. This way so much better. If you can afford it of course ;)
    I’m rarely envious of anything but I could feel envy crawling and sitting by my shoulder and enjoying the pics… (not paying attencion to it ahahah – I’m bigger than that – but a sigh wants to get out in understanding).

    Have a Nice Weekend!

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