Modern Apartment in Stockholm

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The beautiful interior of this stylish apartment in Sweden is accentuated with colorful and rich details.



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4 comments on “Modern Apartment in Stockholm

  1. That’s a Modern I could live in :) But Her Majesty portrait in the bedroom would have to go, no discussion there ahahahahahahGreat finding, Pretty Girl. I specially like the colors used and the clear details on it like the chairs in the dining room.Really, I could really live in this house if……… (check the post above ;) )

  2. that portrait and marilyn monroe’s just irritate already. i love both dining rooms.thank you, my dear Teresa, for visiting!!

  3. It’s a mixture of the old and the modern! Old because of the mirror design with candles and the floral wallpaper behind the computer table. Modern because of the furniture and sophisticated look of the living room! It is really wonderful!

  4. Very modern design – I definitely like it! Stockholm really has a lot of nice architecture and interior design. I was there last year and loved it. Stayed at nice apartment by country also has great furniture production!

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