Modern Color Palette in Prewar Park Avenue Apartment

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Designer Christina Murphy, named one of “America’s Top 100 Designers” by House Beautiful, chose a vibrant color palette for this project in order to “keep a room feeling youthful and engaging.”


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4 comments on “Modern Color Palette in Prewar Park Avenue Apartment

  1. Hello LauraBreath-taking. I am particularly fond of the green. What a statement and energy these conveyHelen xx

    • I agree, dear Helen, the apple green is such a lively color! The designer used it in her previous work – stunning!Beautiful space.

  2. Park Avenue is enough to have me dreaming. This apartment sends me directly to cloud nine.Lovely, whimsical…

  3. It’s wonderful! The color green is so nice! I also love the peacock feather wall design! Everything is but wonderful!

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