Modern Lighting – LivingAmbiance by Philips

Enjoying the global leadership in lighting, Royal Philips Electronics broadens its collections of LED-based lighting solutions adding more confort to our lives. After having seduced us with its lamps LivingColors, Philips continues the progress in the world of light with its LivingAmbiance – a revolutionary concept that will allow you to integrate multiple luminaires and lamps in one system for the home.
In fact, the idea of controlling the lighting in our home with one remote is very promising.
With the smart remote control – which will be equipped with all fixtures of LivingColors Philips second generation – you’ll be able to control one or more luminaires for generating any desired type of ambient lighting. With a simple click, the remote control activates the desired color and intensity of light. It will allow the adjustment of light color for even more comfort and remember the three favorite modes.

The system doesn’t have to be necessarily the Philips lighting, thanks to the adapter LivingWhites, you can control the brightness of lights from other manufacturers. Still, there’s a small problem, as there are only E27 bulbs in this collection, but other sizes will emerge in the coming months …
The price is 35€ for the adapter, and €19.95 for the bulb.

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