Modern London Home

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The newly built London residence features different levels. Large floor to ceiling windows and a glass extension bring in more natural light inside. The balcony provides extra seating.
The vivid color of the feature wall makes a strong statement, and is followed through on the living room furniture.
Combining different textures in the bedroom – wool throw and a suede headboard, a walnut drawer and a gold patterned lamp shade – creates a cozy and inviting feel in this welcoming space.

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5 comments on “Modern London Home

  1. I like the clear – acrilic, glass – appointements that seem to be present in every room. Did you noticed them? The glass vase for the flowers,an acrilic table at the hall, a shelf in the bedroom.I love different levelled houses. I dream the day my living room will have a up-level dining room with a view. :sigh:I like the colours used. They could be monotonous but they aren’t – they’re vibrant and alive.

    • that glass in the house makes the rooms airy and flowing.i also love the color – warm and happy.

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