Moroccan Decor – Unique Boutique Hotel P’tit Habibi in Marrakech

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The house is decorated with traditional artisan craft mixed with modern design. The boutique hotel P’tit Habibi has the feel of a beautifully designed private house. It offers only 4 rooms and is the perfect place to spend a wonderful long weekend with friends.


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2 comments on “Moroccan Decor – Unique Boutique Hotel P’tit Habibi in Marrakech

  1. How do you find these wonders? One can’t help feel like entering a magic and secret kingsom.
    Thank you for sharing! Morocco made me plant my first bungavilia. Husband going to kill me – as they mess a garden a bit with the fallen flowers – but I so want to have that bloom of color of your 3rd picture.

  2. i love the color hotel design ,, its wonderful .specially the interior design and architecture thanks u for sharing such a nice picture


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