Outstanding Townhouse with Rooftop Infinity Pool in Boston

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The magnificient views of the Public Garden and Boston Common open from the secluded roofdeck. The 8,450 square feet townhouse with 6 bedrooms, 8 working fireplaces also features a garden, home gym, 3 powder rooms and an elevator that services all 6 levels. ($14M).


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6 comments on “Outstanding Townhouse with Rooftop Infinity Pool in Boston

  1. I like this home, I really like it.

    Boston seems a place full of vibrant energy and cheerful people. I only feel the Infinity Pool to be somehow the tacky detail on it, well not exactly tacky, but displaced probably.

    Inside it’s so urban and cosmopolite and then the woden deck and swimming pool seem more fit for a country home with a view.

    Though I have no doubt it is nice to lounge in there in the beggining or end of the day and see the world (still) rushing “below”… doesn’t Boston has snow in the Winter?! Yes, it’s a weird choice in my opinion… but hey each with their own and Sweet Laura bringing it to us so we can enjoy.

    • hey, dear Teresa!
      was away for a while.
      as for me – i love the rooftop deck, what i don’t is the blue-blue bedroom with the same upholstery everywhere.
      thank you, dear Teresa, your comments are so appreciated.

  2. Wow! I live in Boston and would KILL to have a roofdeck pool. I kind of think the opposite about the interiors, tho- decor in the house is totally old fashioned and fuddy. Chinoiserie meets lodge meets 80s mirrored fireplace. ?? Aside from the killer floors & bathroom I truly can’t even define… but agreed, pool and deck are modern and sleek. Perfect for hot Boston summers. My fave pool memory is off a heated pool from a hot tub during snowfall in lake Tahoe. Divine. So I say 2 thumbs up, regardless of snow. Thanks for posting!

  3. Thanks for commenting Alex.
    I totally agree with you, I would add though the dressing room is kind of nice. well, may be I just need a dressing room and anything (dressing rooms)seems desirably-beautiful to me?
    Thanks again for taking time and commenting.

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