Renovated Duplex in Madrid

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The owners of this house in Madrid bought it 14 years ago. Their children have grown and their space needs as well. The architect Juan Manzanares was commissioned to renovate the duplex.

the hall is painted dark brown contasting with white walls of the house
perfect mix of antique furniture and contemporary art, beautiful floors
dining room
a lot of light in the living room

master bedroom with a Suzani quilt on the bed
home office under the staircase

beautiful antique chaise longue

nuevo estilo


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4 comments on “Renovated Duplex in Madrid

  1. I’m Portuguese and that makes me “neighboor” of Spain and you know these tiny European Countries neighboorhood rivalries and eternal feuds… so I was reading your post with a pfff face – seen that, my it’s a gorgeous detail but hey I could come up with that – until I saw that Library ;) .My, my that’s a gorgeous Living Room, isn’t it?Precious!!! Bravo!Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Teresa! your comment made smile, I know another Portuguese blogger – Marianna – she’s doing the art blogs! I guess there have to be Portuguese interior design magazines, I’d love to find one and explore – I’m sure there has to be some great stuff!

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