Romantic and Eclectic Duplex Apartment in Paris

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Sophie Erkelbout’s duplex apartment located on the top floor of a building on the right bank in Paris is decorated with romantic floral prints and pastel colors.
The living room is bathed in light through the glass roof and has a very Parisian view on zinc roof tops. The living room furnished with a velvet sofa and ottoman, a graceful vintage iron bed, a chandelier reflects the owner’s eclectic vintage style.

The space with the kitchen that also serves as a dining room is decorated with different furniture styles and colors and feels fashionable and fresh. The duplex apartment is built around a small central staircase that leads up to the bedroom. Behind the staircase, a small patio runs along the open bathroom that has views on the patio.

On the very top the owner’s bedroom with a comfortable bed with vintage Cacharel linen is open to the staircase.

The terrace transforms into a giant couch with colorful cushions.

All the decor objects are lovingly chosen by the owner, the antique and modern pieces, fresh pastel colors and old patina perfectly coexist in Sophie’s world.


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4 comments on “Romantic and Eclectic Duplex Apartment in Paris

  1. It’s MY world too….. *sigh*
    divine – utterly delightful – and so not practical (but of course I’m totally IN LOVE with all of it!!)

    Merci Sophie, de nous permettre à te visiter!

  2. I love it. In fact there are two things I’m hopeless in French Architecture – the stairs and those balconies.
    I was thrilled when I saw they “brought” the same stairs principle to unify the duplex :sigh:.
    Paris is INDEED always a Good Idea!

    Je t’embrace,

    • In fact I just remembered a third detail that makes my heart sing – those interior patios some, most, of the building have.

  3. Once in while, you find an apartment and it is LOVE…this is one of those times…I love this apartment, deeply feminine without being “girlie”, just the space for enjoying a morning of croissants and coffee or a glass of white wine.I am smitten, Sophie, absolutely smitten!

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