Sandringham House – Country Home of the British Royal Family

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According to the media Queen Elizabeth II gives Prince William and his spouse a cottage on her much loved Sandringham estate where she and the Duke of Edinburgh usually stay in the main Edwardian house on Christmas till February.. This present is to mark the 30th birthday of her grandson last Thursday. It’s known that William is extremely happy about the house as a source told The Mail on Sunday “‘He’s a country boy and loves Norfolk, just like his father and his grandparents. It’s a lovely, peaceful place and William adores it.’

The Sandringham estate has been privately owned by four generations of the British Royal Family since 1862 and by the Queen since her accession in 1952, it doesn’t belong to the Crown Estate.
There are approximately 150 commercial and residential properties on the 20,000-acre estate’s grounds and which one is meant for William and Kate is not known.

Let’s have a look at this royal country home that has been known since 1086, when it was recorded in the Domesday Book as “Sant Dersingham”, the sandy part of Dersingham which later got shortened into just Sandringham. People supposedly lived on the site of the present House in 1296, also a Roman villa remains had been found on the grounds. In the Middle ages the land passed through two families.


At the time of its purchase in 1862 as a country home for the future King Edward VII, the Sandringham House featured a plain Georgian structure built in the second half of the 18th c. with the estate of 2,800 hectares. Prince of Wales moved to the house after his marriage to Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863.
Soon the Prince had the old building demolished and the new house was completed in 1870. A friend of King Edward VII wrote that the King “was continually improving his domain, repairing churches, spending money on the place in one way or another.” Since the Edwardian times the decor, objets d’art and furnishings remain pretty much the same.

No wonder that Sandringham was once described as ‘The most comfortable house in England’ (let along such modern innovations as flushing toilets, gas lighting and the earliest form of shower.)

The Sandringham House was opened to the public by the Queen in 1977, her Silver Jubilee year, the 24 hectares of magnificient gardens were opened in 1908, and the Museum in 1930.

small drawing room

Fun facts.

  • Edward VII had a passion for hunting, he had all the clocks on the estate be set half an hour ahead of GMT in order to have more time for the sport. For 35 years, from 1901 to 1935 this custom had been kept at Sandringham House until the new King Edward VIII broke the tradition.

  • Queen Victoria’s daughter Victoria, Princess Royal, the mother of Kaiser Wilhelm II, had a country house built at Friedrichshof, near Kronberg, in the style of Sandringham.

  • According to Daily Mail after Prince Edward was photographed apparently striking his two gun dogs with a wooden stick during a pheasant shoot and pictures of Prince Philip were published overseas, the new laws were introduced forbidding the paparazzi to photograph the Royal Family there.



Norwich Gates

Lake at Sandringham House

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3 comments on “Sandringham House – Country Home of the British Royal Family

  1. I hope the Dukes of Cambridge bring babies to it soon and give us wonderful pictures of several generations enjoying it…
    I guess it was a natural gesture for the future King to have a cottage in it but it’s a even more sweet gesture to reserve it for a Milestone.
    Dear One, no one knows this better than the (this) British.
    Be Well,

  2. It still is a nice gesture, isn’t it?
    The Queen is such an extraordinary woman, I can’t believe she wants to keep the throne at this age.
    Take care, dear Teresa

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