Scandinavian Interiors – Charming Apartment in Oslo, Norway

Scandinavian interiors

The magnificent color palette of this lovely apartment in Norway mixes with the natural light and floods the entire space.



4 comments to Scandinavian Interiors – Charming Apartment in Oslo, Norway

  • Would you close the blog’s door for a moment so I can tell you something ;) ?

    Until recently I couldn’t stand the pink color. Really. It’s weird isn’t it?

    With time it started entering my life and things – bit by tiny bit. But as soon as I saw that wall I found it so lovely, a happy and cheerful detail among the white planks on the floor and all that white surroundings.

    I might not have refrained myself of decorating it a few more… in fact, it looks like that’s also the idea of the owner.

  • Do you happen to know the paint color for the accent wall? Love it!

  • Teresa, you’re the best commentator. I saw somewhere in the blogosphere SUPER COMMENTS AWARD exists – you absolutely deserve it! I have to try to find out who gives it out – and recommend you, dear Teresa!
    Thank you, I loved your comment as always!

  • Elizabeth: – I had this file more than a year and unfortunately, don’t remember details. My guess would be some shade of ‘salmon’…

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