Serene One-Bedroom Apartment in Sweden

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The house, built in 1901, is located in the historic city center in Malmö, Sweden.
The spacious and light-filled rooms of the second floor apartment are neatly lined up one after another. The apartment features the stucco ceilings, tile floor and a south-facing balcony.

{Bo Laget}

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2 comments on “Serene One-Bedroom Apartment in Sweden

  1. That’s one huge and magnificent One-Bedroom :)
    It’s lovely. Perfect and Oh so Elegant.
    Today is one of those give-me-one-bedroom-home day. Kids started vacations. Almost. Some exams but plenty time at home ;)
    This home would be home anywhere in the world. I love it!
    Thank you for sharing, Princess

    • Hello, my dear friend!
      I love this cool space too.
      So your kids will be on vacation soon. I guess you’re planning some nice trip with your beautiful family?
      Have a great week dear Teresa!

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