Splendid Mediterranean style home in Andalusia

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The studio Decoración Heloísa Málaga recreated the southern tradition in every color and finishes in this family home and made it the perfect environment for family living, relaxed and welcoming. The total area of the house is 400 sqm plus gardens and patios outside. Two living rooms, a dining room, a kitchen, bathroom and a guest room occupy the first floor. The home furnishings consists of antique furniture bought in Belgium, Italy, France, Spain and Morocco, along with Heloísa Málaga own designs.

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2 comments on “Splendid Mediterranean style home in Andalusia

  1. Too Countryish for my taste ;) – the interior. But the exterior is unbeatable. I like the way they turned the outside tank into a swimming pool! That piece per si deserves entirely the mention at your eclectic blog!
    Thank you!!!

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