Suitcase Stories – Exhibition at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg

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When traveling, movie stars have a lot of luggage. This photo of Marlene Dietrich, taken en route to America in 1931, pictures her luggage of all shapes and sizes.

The 19th century embroidered travel bag

A well-designed case with a lot of compartments for a doctor (second half of the 18th century) protected medications from shaking or jostling in a postal coach on the road with potholes.

Travelers put their writing tools in a case to prevent their clothes to turn into pieces of abstract art.

This travel bag was used to store ladies’ hosiery to avoid runs on her nylons and expensive silk stockings.

A pet carrier for little Fluffy or Fido.

An unexpensive piece of lugguge of an experienced traveler with stickers from all over the world.

Hat boxes were necessary containtes for elaborate hats of the past.

A 1910 travel container for the most delicate evening wear

“Painters on a Journey” by Johann Adam Klein, 1918 – artists packed their personal effects and tools into backpacks, fastening the buckle around their waist.

the suitecase of the Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann is also on display


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