Sweet Easter Decor

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Even plain water bottles or glasses can be decorated for Easter!
The band with a friendly bunny face looks cute!

How to do it:
Draw and cut out the pattern, print the bunny stencils on pretty wrapping paper, then cut out. With a black marker draw eyes, nose, and a happy smiling mouth. Connect and secure the ends together with a transparent adhesive.
The ends can be of any length to fit for a vase, for example.

Beautiful Artistic Flower Arrangement

Tulips are the first fresh signs of spring. They create paschal splash of color in setting a scene: arrange them across in a large vase or bowl, carefully bending the stems. Make sure that the stems are covered with water.

Chick Pickers with 10″ Wood Bamboo Skewers Sticks

Your Easter guests will enjoy the skewers with funny chicks.
Do it yourself:
Cut out little chicks from thick cardboard paper. Then they’ll get a pretty dress from colorful and cheerful wrapping paper glued on. Cut off the excess of wrapping paper and draw one eye with a marker. The finished chicks fix to a stick with a strip of adhesive tape.

The Garland with Cheerful Rabbits

Create a pattern on colored cardboard paper (avalaible at craft stores). Cut as many rabbits as you want, depending on the length your garland, and attach them to a cord through a little hole in the center of the template.

Crochet Easter Nests for Colorful Easter Eggs

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