Italian Modern Kitchen Design by Paolo Pininfarina

Snaidero {} is the major leading kitchen manufacturer in Italy, offering modern kitchen design for over 50 years. Snaidero Ola

soft curves and bright colors of Ola (Spanish for “wave”) in Dream Blue metallic lacquer


“automotive” metallic lacquer finish and sleek forms


The design in Passion Red metallic lacquer adapts to any space [...]

Modern and Ergonomic Teen Furniture by Italian Firm Tumidei

The modern furniture by the Italian company Tumidei designs a complete line of modern furniture with streamlines look ideal for teens and kids sharing rooms as kids usually need more space while growing. The brilliant concept is that all the Tumidei’s furniture collections can be customized your own way by combining the large array of [...]

Modern Furniture – Reindeer Chair by Baita Design

The Reindeer Chair designed by Baita Design of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a cool and practical idea – you just sit down, hang up your stuff, relax… (polyethylene, available in many colors)


Modern Office Furniture by Uffix

Nowadays rapidly developing technology requires new concept in the interpretation of the office space. The choice of the modern office furniture becomes a creative moment, as many companies opting for the modern, professional and sleek look in their offices.

The Italian company Uffix specializes in developing modern office furniture since 1963, it established a fine [...]