Traditional and Innovative Sanderson Fabric Design

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Founded in 1860, Sanderson is a famous brand in the field of interior design and decorating. Its traditional, English inspired design of fabrics and paint, wallpapers and tableware collections offer classic product and design innovation of exceptional quality.
Since 1923, Sanderson has been supplying wallcoverings, paint and fabrics to HM Queen Elizabeth II and British Royal Palaces. The Sanderson range today includes printed designs on cotton, linen and silk, together with jacquard and dobby weaves, embroideries, sheers and a wide range of plains suitable for curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings. Sanderson’s fabric and wallpaper designs, often based on documents from its extensive archive, as well as the creativity of young contemporary designers creates new and directional designs for modern living.



2 comments to Traditional and Innovative Sanderson Fabric Design

  • The house I was raised in had Sanderson fabrics and the term was to be used with reverence ahahahah.

    I remember, when I was very small – thinking they – my Aunts who raised me – must be referring to the owner of the pieces and they must’ve been lent to them ahahahah

    A signature that knew to uphold tradition while adpating to the new demandings.

    It’s been a while since I heard about it. So thank you, Sweet Girl, to bring a bit of my childhood on this chilly afternoon.

    May the Sun shine in your doorstep.


  • Oh, Teresa, dear, that is so sweet that the post reminded you your childhood, and then it must’ve been a nice home – Sanderson’s designs are cozy and homely…

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