Treasures from Ancient World – Afganistan, British Museum Exhibition

The new British Museum’s exhibition presents some of the most important archaeological discoveries from ancient Afghanistan, dated from 3rd century BC to 1st century AD and found between 1937 and 1978. There are over 200 objects from Afghanistan on display that belong to the National Museum of Afghanistan. All the artefacts showcase the trading and cultural connections of Afghanistan and how it benefited from being on an important crossroads of the ancient world.

Pendant depicting the “Dragon Master” from Tillya Tepe, Tomb II- gold, turquoise, garnet, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and pearl.(Tillya Tepe – ‘Hill of Gold’ – was an elite nomadic cemetery and is now an archaeological site in northern Afghanistan. Around 20,000 gold ornaments were found in six graves – five women and one man)

Ceremonial plaque depicting Cybèle the Phrygian goddess of the Earth (gilded silver)
Ornament for the neck of a robe (gold, turquoise, garnet, and pyrite)

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Crown found in Tillya Tepe, Tomb VI, is made from gold and imitation turquoise
Bracelets with lion heads – gold and turquoise
Boot buckles depicting a chariot drawn by dragons ( gold, turquoise, and carnelian)

Pair of clasps depicting Dionysos the Greek god of wine making and Ariadne the bride of Dionysos
Pair of clasps depicting warriors
Appliqué – the “Aphrodite of Bactria” (gold and turquoise)



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