Unfading Plaid

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Casually classic, whether it’s a throw, a pillow or fabrics on furniture, it warms up any space. Plaid looks cuddly on smaller pieces of furniture, the pattern looks good on carpets and adds to the architecture of the room. Plaid brings in some vintage elegance and hints of unexpected traditionalism in fashion.

 apartmenttherapy.com via cote de texas
 gideon mendelson

 bunny williams
 mad men


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2 comments on “Unfading Plaid

  1. I see plaid and I get an instant feeling of warmth… it’s funny because I wasn’t raised among plaid but whenever I see plaid in decor I get the “Welcome Home” feeling.Maybe I was an Highlander (married to Cristopher Lambert ;) . Hey a girl can have her dreams, right?) in a previous life.So glad you brought it now. I needed that WH kick.Love U,Teresa

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