Villa Cyrene in Santorini, Greece

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Villa Cyrene is located in the centre of Santorini, in a lovely village Megalochori with white painted houses, beautiful churches, narrow cobble streets and a quant village atmosphere surrounded by vineyards.


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2 comments on “Villa Cyrene in Santorini, Greece

  1. There are a few names that when spoken or written take you there immediately. Or make you feel instanly. Good or Bad. happy or Sad.

    Santorini is, for me, one of those Happy inducing names and now I’ll have the image of this amazing home. I want to LIVE there. Now. Today. When can we go?! You’re INvited :)

  2. oh, how nice that would be? i’d go there right away ..
    omg, Teresa, i just noticed the date May 7th – I haven’t been here for a month!

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