Villa in the Hill – Villa Vals, Switzerland

The building, recognized as one of the era’s Modern masterpieces, sits at 4,100 feet, deep in a narrow valley, in Vals, Switzerland, which has become a place of pilgrimage, in particular for architecture tourists. The Dutch architect Bjarne Mastenbroek of Amsterdam-based SeARCH partnered with Rotterdam-based architect Christian Müller and created design that integrates into the landscape.

“We developed a kind of nonperfection that was interesting for us, and we collaborated with other designers from the Netherlands to make a Dutch interior,” says Mastenbroek.

While the common spaces and bedroom on the ground floor all open to the patio and are full of light, each of the upper bedrooms, which are accessed at different levels off the long corridor running along the retaining wall, feels like its own cloistered apartment. (Photo: Iwan Baan, Text: Beth Broome, Architectural Record)


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