Vintage Porcelain by Dutch Artist Celinda Versluis

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I just love this vintage and elegant porcelain by the Dutch graphic designer and artist Celinda Versluis. Her recent work is called ‘Les Belles Dames’ and is based on women on old French postcards. The four beautiful ladies on the plates and teapots are Jeanne, Hélène, Marie-Louise and Madeleine. The artist puts women silhouette on carefully collected vintage teapots. Each teapot has his own shape and style, different from the others. She decorates them individually, based on their specific features, which makes them even more unique.{ via}

Vintage redecorated teapot ‘Helene’ 

Vintage platter Jeanne and her house in the woods
Vintage redecorated plate Jeanne
Vintage teapot Madeleine


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